Blue Streak

Header Image for Al Nabooda Identity Refresh Case Study:  Faded Logo

Blue Streak

When a brand is responsible for bringing the most demiurgic automobile marques in the market, its identity needs to live up to its task. Ergo, we cradled the Al Nabooda Automobiles brand identity and flushed it with design concepts that represented the technology, precision and exclusivity present in the brand’s service.

We washed the foundation of the monogram with a deep electric blue which symbolizes innovation and speed. The original logo had neatly abbreviated “ANA” into a design element that set up the skeleton as well as facade of the identity. We refurbished this element with gold and wrapped it across the brandmark to express luxury, another vital brand characteristic. 

Further, we plucked out the sharp, triangular geometry in the brandmark and vitalized it as the unifying design element across collateral. Together with the brandmark, this element helps assert the assiduous, cutting-edge personality of the brand.

Al Nabooda
Brand Guidelines
Al Nabooda Identity Refresh: Logo Construction Animation
Al Nabooda Identity Refresh: New Logo
Al Nabooda Identity Refresh: Stationery Design Image
Al Nabooda Identity Refresh: Cover Story Image
Al Nabooda Identity Refresh: Guidelines Book Cover Image
Al Nabooda Logo Refresh: Guidelines Book Inside Image
Al Nabooda Logo Refresh: Guidelines Book Inside Image
Al Nabooda Logo Refresh: Logo Colour Variations Image
Al Nabooda Logo Refresh: Website Tablet View

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