Daringly Different

Header Image for SFC Branding Case Study: Don't Chicken Out.

Daringly Different

When was the last time you went out to simply have 'Pizza' or ‘Burgers' or ‘Fried Chicken’? Instead, you always think of a brand name. No surprise there. The big ones like McDonald’s, Burger King etc. have colonised our minds with their branding omnipresence. And to get noticed you need to do something that would shake this arena. Something shocking and surprising. Something ‘Daringly Different’. Punch Design formulated this unique and rebellious positioning for SFC Plus backed by the fact they were the only ones serving Skinless, Pressure-fried Chicken with a unique (and secret) recipe of 12 herbs and spices. Harnessing this key factor we revamped their brand identity. First step: a revolutionary brochure. Here, the communication was presented not from the outlook of the company, but from that of their target customers. The cover was designed like a chopping board and also worked like a take-out bag. Further, we used flamboyant font and involving photography that made everything about this brochure far from the ordinary!

Graphic Design
Brand Guidelines
SFC Brand Brochure Cover Image: Don't Chicken Out.
SFC Brand Brochure Image: Chicken was never so Bold
SFC Brand Brochure Image: Burgers
SFC Brand Brochure Image: Pizzas
SFC Brand Brochure Image: Pizza Ingredients Description
SFC Brand Brochure Image: Recipes that Speak
SFC Package Design Image

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