Design, the best medicine.

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Design, the best medicine.

The No.1 in the world maybe... but that wasn't the case in the Middle East, thanks to the distribution issues of the past. Beginning 2010 Johnson & Johnson Consumer Division took over the distribution and straight away got to the root of the issue. They asked us to develop material that would get the doctors to start trusting the availability of the brand.

We strategically decided to leverage the Johnson & Johnson name so that we could build on the strong equity associated with the J&J brand in the region. We also powered the sales force with fresh new sales material that was in line with the world-wide brand guidelines. We also designed iPad apps and digital material that helped them better educate the benefits of the drug through audio and video material.

The iPad app helps us easily and constantly update the material (at very low costs compared to print material) with new data and stats that further strengthen the credibility of Tylenol and help quash some of the myths associated with it. The iPad app has been a super success so much so that they have now decided to redesign all sales material to be iPad friendly. 

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Tylenol Case Study iPad app Image
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