Framing an Identity

Header Image for Sunil Raju Interactive Case Study: Film Roll

Framing an Identity

Photography is all about observation. Great photography is observation with a unique perspective. Sunil Raju is a One Show, Cannes and New York Fest finalist photographer. He is known for finding beauty in everything he sees. And then for framing it. 

As fellow creatives, Punch was delighted in taking up this project. We derived our aforesaid insight while browsing through his diverse pursuits with the camera. Apart from being a visual treat, the process helped us create an identity that showcase his perspective in a clean, minimalistic manner. Moreover, we went ahead to create an CMS website that not only showcased his work, but amplified it.

Sunil Raju Photography
CMS website
Brand Identity
Sunil Raju Interactive Case Study: Logo in Grey
Sunil Raju Interactive Case Study: Business Cards Images
Sunil Raju Interactive Case Study: Tablet Website layout Image

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