Taking Sales Higher

Header Image for Total Event Branding Case Study: Speech Bubbles like Hot-air Balloons

Taking Sales Higher

Transforming the Total office premises, graphic speech bubbles were used as casual conversation pieces to form a teaser campaign that would eventually lead to a poster announcing a Distributor Convention. The speech bubbles, with pertinent messages, were later pictured over sand dunes (symbolizing the Middle East where the conference was held).

A color-coded agenda leaflet had balloons proportionate to the time spend for that activity. The colors changed according to the type of activity. Trophies, gilded in gold and silver were designed in the same speech bubble shape and were distributed during the award ceremony. To end the event on a high note, a hot-air balloon trip across the desert was proposed.

Event Branding
Total Event Branding Case Study: Notepad Image
Total Event Branding Case Study: Leaflet Image

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