Think Babies. Think Fun.

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Think Babies. Think Fun.

Johnson's baby cream has a breakthrough promotion every year. This year, Johnson Baby turned to Punch for execution of all collateral material in stores across the entire region. What seemed like a daunting challenge at first turned out to be quite fun. Because we began thinking like kids. Yes, kids! 

In the Middle East, children tend to tag along with their parents when the latter go shopping. This can ruin the parents' shopping experience. Research indicates that kids hate grocery shopping with parents as they feel neglected. One thing led to another and we thought, "What if kids had fun and attention? Would they let the parents enjoy shopping?  What if we actually create a play area for children right in the middle of a grocery store? Why not?"

So that's exactly what we did. The kids had their fun. The parents enjoyed their shopping. And Johnson's baby cream sold a few extra products along the way.

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