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The web isn’t about moving images, but about images that move you. So it’s surprising how many businesses get tricked into focusing solely on the technical side of digital marketing. Yes, of course, technology is important, but just as essential is finding your brand’s authentic voice and maximizing its digital potential. With billions of brand messages posted online every day, only the most original stay top of mind. And that’s where we come in. 


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Digital Marketing
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As highly specialized communication experts, we delve deep into the minds of your audience to come up with powerful concepts for online messages that are both technologically savvy and in line with global trends. Our creative expertise helps maximize the impact of the unique online experiences we produce, putting your business at the forefront of viewers’ minds. 


Here at Punch, client collaboration and transparency are central to how we work. By applying agile methodologies, we guarantee transparency and continuous feedback throughout the creative process and are able to translate your vision into an online message that is both meaningful and highly effective. After all, you’re the expert of your business and that’s why we involve you every step of the way. 


We know that the most effective online messages are the ones where your brand’s purpose, positioning and personality have been carefully considered. We love to create memorable online experiences that stay true to the essence of your brand and allow your business to own a distinctive space for itself in today’s competitive market. 

Always on

Thanks to our strategic positioning in two hemispheres, you get the added benefit of exposure to international expertise, not to mention improved responsiveness. We have our finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to creative ideas and concepts across the globe, and you can rest assured knowing our team works around the clock to ensure we’re always on-trend, always on brand, and always on the ball. 

 Digital Approach


Successful brands are drawn from real achievements, strengths, & emotions that are alive at all levels in the organization.


How can your brand help your customers achieve their dreams and goals? Define it, then, communicate it to the right individuals.


Brand consistency is part of building trust. Build a dependable experience across all your channels


Don’t aim to be better than the others. Instead, focus on being different


Be a part of your community. Participate in the everyday discussions that your customers are having.


A partner you want on your side.

They are excellent at what they do. The whole team is very professional and they get the work done fast and on-budget. Punch is the partner you want to have on your side in the FMCG environment. They are an integral part of our success! 


HR Director
Johnson & Johnson MENAP
They nail it. Every time.

Punch was invaluable in developing the Crayon Brand Identity. As a startup, we needed to differentiate ourselves and stand out in the marketplace, while showcasing and remaining true to our core values and raison d’être. Punch helped us nail this balance and is a partner in our journey.


Corporate Communications
Crayon Data
A very dependable team.

A very dependable team with the urge to be involved in the brand building process. Very valuable partners to the business.


Global Equity Manager
The Glad Products Company
Very professional and highly skilled.

Very professional and highly skilled, the people at Punch are always a phone call away and resolve queries sooner than soonest. They understand a client’s needs and go out of the way to satisfy clients.


Corporate Communications
Al Nabooda Automobiles