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ADEC 2015


Abu Dhabi Education Council




Book Design, Art Direction, Infographics

ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) is the educational authority for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It aims to develop the national educational standards by implementing innovative policies, plans and programs, and support educational institutions through these changes. The council had 43 projects to implement which needed to be detailed in their Annual Performance Report. With so much important data to include, we were presented with a challenge: how to turn hefty content into a 200-page guide (published in two languages) that is visually appealing, user-friendly and informative in a matter of six weeks?

To realize its objectives, ADEC has designed an education policy designed around five pillars:

  1. Curriculum and Assessment
  2. Learners and Learning Environment
  3. Human Capital
  4. Research, Innovation & Technology and
  5. Governance


This was a high-importance task for a governmental agency with strict and extensive brand guidelines. We needed to compact the information without losing any of the message, and make it readable with photos, graphics and design for both print and online editions while staying on brand. We wanted to show learning to be a happy and positive experience. This was the second year in a row that Punch had been assigned to do the project, so expectations were high and we had to outdo what we had done the previous year.


To break up the heavy text, we came up with a series of info-graphics that displayed key aspects of each project in a more coherent format. The layout included photos of happy students immersed in learning, contrasting with the informative text beside the images. The use of double gate-folds, gate-folds and half-gatefolds were also implemented to further engage the reader. To differentiate between each of the book’s five sections, ADEC’s five brand colors were cleverly designated – one per pillar. The result was 500 copies of a print book and an online flip book (in both languages) that were easy to read, informative, inspiring, and on brand.