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Century Financials




Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines

There comes a time when even a well-established company needs to make a shift due to customer demand – both physically and in its product offering. Century, with its 30-year heritage in financial markets, was ready to take the leap. The shift from just a brokerage to an integrated services company (offering financial consultancy and research as well) – brought fresh thinking into play.

Century needed a fresh new perspective, especially one, seen through the eyes of its customers.  Our branding exercise zeroed in a new insight: personalized services. The client listens to their customers, redefining their services to be in synch with them. Making the customer the focus, became our mantra too.


Bringing its unique, fresh perspective, Punch used the existing letter U in Century’s wordmark, to highlight its personalized services. 

The vibrant yellow brackets, derived from inverted Cs, highlighted the focus by framing individual customer experiences.

Taking the idea of personalization deeper, each employee had a personalized designed monogram, with a letter derived from the master monogram.

And the brand guidelines were completed with a colour palette of tints for use in their brand story, to give the brand a fresh, vibrant, new look.