Design is problem-solving


Crayon Data


Crayon Data – Singapore




Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines

Design is, and always will be, about problem-solving. The Crayon Data brand identity was derived from the seven tangram shapes, symbolic of an elegant answer to perplexing data problems or puzzles – solved in a minimalist, simple, visual way. Like data can be interpreted to mean different things, given the same sets of ‘figures’, these 7 tangram shapes and colours can be morphed, changed and reordered to create thousands of different figures. This flexibility and simplicity in presenting data is what Crayon (and the Tangram shapes) represents. 


The seven segments forming the monogram (stylized Roman capital letter ‘C’) for Crayon are in vibrant basic colours, which then extrapolate to be assigned different meanings through color coded design considerations. 

This makes the logo become flexible and adaptable to a variety of applications. Punch designed a comprehensive corporate identity guidebook and a stationery set for the brand.