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Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Brand Architecture

Peak Alpha is one of India’s leading financial advisory management services for individuals, founded by Priya and Shyam Sunder in 2006. The company’s aim is to provide honest, unbiased and professional advice to customers, inspiring them to make a positive change in their lives. 

For the uninitiated, wealth management can be an intimidating experience: traditional wealth management services are often complex to understand, leaving many vulnerable to untrustworthy services. But Peak Alpha do things differently, making the entire process as straightforward as possible so that customers gain confidence and are empowered in the decision-making process, as reflected in their tagline ‘Make Dreams Come True’. 

With this positive, value-based approach, Peak Alpha were suddenly thrown into the limelight by winning the National Award for Best Wealth Management Company for the last three consecutive years. They wanted to capitalize on this and came to Punch Design for a rebrand, requesting a strong brand identity that complements their business success and increases their international recognition even further. 

The challenge was to integrate all of Peak Alpha’s strong set of values in the brand identity. At Punch Design, we succeeded in creating a brand that was playful and positive but highly adaptable at the same time, conveying the sense of professionalism, strength and stability that needs to be associated with a finance company. 


The logo was devised from a stylized ‘P’ and ‘A’ and was designed to resemble a graph, with the 7 colour bar representing the 7 pillars the brands stands for.

For the brand’s stationery, the logo is used creatively: for example, the letterhead unfolds to reveal the brandmark. This is in line with the company’s refreshingly positive approach in a traditionally unimaginative industry. 

Above and beyond

The level of creativity and professionalism from this team is rare. Their impact on the way people perceive our brand now is something else.

Priya Sunder
Director, Peak Alpha

We also created a set of new brand guidelines, with a full set of visual tools, including font, colors icons and application examples to help the brand express itself in a sustainable manner as the company grows.