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The Principals Symposium comes at a crucial time in the UAE’s development. It brings together the country’s education leaders to discuss Moral Education, which is of paramount importance to ensuring our students’ success as engaged, responsible and productive members of the global community.

The goal for the Moral Education Program is to instill a sense of belonging and loyalty, reinforce national identity and a sense of pride towards the UAE and its leadership, as well as to strengthen the values of giving, entrepreneurship, self-confidence, co-operation, altruism and respect for others. Judging by the results of the 19 pilot schools, we have come a long way toward realizing our vision.

The program is based on five principles:

1. Enhance interactive learning

2. Connect learning to real-world experience

3. Promote autonomous learning

4. Develop extended critical thinking skills

5. Link to the needs of the students through debates, discussions and experience

We share a responsibility to raise a generation of citizens and residents capable of building a future fulfilled with scientific and intellectual achievements.

H.E. Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi
Cabinet Member and Minister of Education, UAE