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Distributor Awards


Johnson & Johnson Middle East




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To award and acknowledge the achievement of distributors in the MENAP countries; Johnson & Johnson (J&J), organized a grand ceremony in UAE— The Distributor’s Award.

Designing the Prized possession

The core task of Punch was designing the trophy (The Distributor Award). After multiple discussions and improvisation, our team came up with a design that reflects achievement, pride and exclusivity. The semi-circular base inspired by the letter D ( Distributors ) represents a gathering while the triangular form derived from the letter A ( awards ) reflects the pinnacle of achievement. The shinning gold texture of the trophy represented the million dreams and aspiration of victory.

Adding to the celebration

The stage design with two different color variants— the Red for corporate day event and Gold, for the evening glitzy gala night represented the grandness of the whole show. Towards the end, participants were asked to remove their name tags and attach it across a line on a board. all the name tags (with the individual names) together represented a ‘Row Boat’— J&J’s corporate theme. It stood for unified work force for better performance against competition. 

Our award 

The design and communication of the Distributor’s Award, also set an identity for newsletters and other activities that J&J intend to have for its distribution network of the region. The unique identity along with some well-designed, intriguing collaterals set apart the Distributor’s Award from other corporate shows on the calendar.