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Special Olympics
Annual Report 2019


Special Olympics UAE




Art Direction, Graphic Design, Infographics


Committed towards ending discrimination against people of determination with intellectual disabilities, in March 2019, the United Arab Emirates hosted the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi. For the first time, the largest humanitarian multisport event was held in the Middle East. 7,500 athletes from more than 190 countries participated in 24 summer sports across 11 venues throughout the UAE’s capital. When the seven days of sporting success came to an end, the Special Olympics UAE (SO UAE) organizers chose Punch to support them in designing and documenting stories of bravery and human spirit that prevailed throughout the event.


All of us at Punch were excited and proud to be a part of this special event. The importance of keeping up the reputation of an esteemed global organization meant adherence to extensive brand guidelines. We were expected to produce an excellent design within designated parameters that would do justice to the spirit of the event as well as bring out the sense of pride and accomplishment.


The trust that SO UAE placed in Punch was very important to us and we aimed to create a report that would effectively capture the magnitude and emotions of the event. It would serve as the pride of the nation and adorn coffee tables for years to come.

We started off with a first-person narrative from the organizing committee for a deeper understanding of the mega-event collecting information. The stories of courage and valour inspired us to create a crisp design that instantaneously expresses the essence of the event. All raw data was organized and structured to create a seamlessly flowing account of the event through the pages. The design team at Punch went a step further and also created an elegant folder to keep the book. 

With carefully chosen pictures that beautifully capture emotions to easy visual data representation, the Special Olympics post event report 2018-2019 is a superlative publication for the world to leaf through and remember the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 as a true representation of UAE’s legacy of inclusion.