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With every passing year, UAE has demonstrated a spirit of unified progress and inclusion within every industry. No detail was spared when it came to further strengthening the education sector. In an effort to support the Special Olympic World Games 2019, the Education Affairs Office of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court introduced the Special Olympics Unified Champions School Program.

A challenging shift of perception and unbridled dedication was needed in order to foster a spirit of acceptance and inclusion of special needs within UAE schools. Hand-picked to execute such a noble task, Punch was tasked to ideate and design a series of Playbooks and additional collateral that would soon become the cornerstone of progress for every school participating in the program.


With careful thought and meticulous planning, four Playbooks were devised to act as tools to help teachers and student leaders learn and understand the needs of children and adults of determination.

In order to appeal to the nature of school children, we decided to harness design inspiration from a vast array of visuals, colourful motifs and illustrative graphs. The idea was to strike a symbiotic balance between playful and informative.

What Are Unified Champion Schools?

Unified Champion Schools (UCS) promote socially inclusive learning environments where acceptance, respect and human dignity for all students are the norm. With Unified Sports as the foundation, the Special Olympics UCS program employs a three component model offering a unique combination of activities that equip Cycle 2 students to create classroom and school climates of acceptance.


This Playbooks explains the philosophy and goals of the three components of UCS, namely:

As part of the outreach for the Special Olympics World Games 2019, the Education Affairs Office of the Crown Prince Court in coordination with Special Olympics UAE are launching four Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools Playbooks.


Three Playbooks correspond to each Cycle of schooling, and the fourth Playbook

1. Whole-School Engagement
2. Inclusive Youth Leadership:
3. Inclusive Sports:

Though the building blocks of the program remain the same, each Unified Champion School will apply them differently. Cycle 2 schools in the UAE are encouraged to consider which activities are most appropriate for their own needs, of greatest interest to their students, and offer the most meaningful participation opportunities