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Toblerone Gift Pack





Packaging, Graphic Design, Art Direction

Being ‘iconic’ in everything is quite a swiss habit. Toblerone is a unique copulation of two Swiss identities (Chocolate and Graphic Design) and has marvelled the world since its conception. Bold as we are, Punch took their classic package design to another dimension. Literally.

To improve margins, logistics and stacking solutions, Toblerone required a shift from their usual gift-pack design. Keeping in mind the brand’s reputation of being persistently phenomenal, we crafted a trapezoid structure. This structure gave potential to stack 3, 5, 7 or more bars in one pack, increasing their on-shelf SKUs. All in all, the new design was not only an innovative solution, but also became an instant shelf attraction!


The ribbon that signifies celebration was placed to appear seamlessly across several packs.

Embossing and spot Varnish were applied for a premium feel.