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Ultimate Gym
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Ultimate Gym




Brand strategy, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity

Ultimate Gym is a boutique-style, female-only boxing gym, the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi. Aimed at women of all fitness levels, this new gym offers a range of training that includes functional, cardio, strength and conditioning, as well as nutritional coaching. The owner wanted to transform a regular gym into a space focused on female empowerment.

 Unsatisfied with the existing name on the gym’s business license and unsure how to promote female empowerment within a conservative society, the owner turned to us. First we convinced her that we could keep the name and still create a powerful brand that aligned with her vision and values. 


A clean, clear visual language included the clever enhancement of the negative area in the letter U, made to resemble a punching bag

The letter ‘U’ also emphasises the importance of the individual, resulting in a powerful brand

Boxing is a combat sport, a one-on-one competition that requires strength and determination. The name ‘Ultimate’ suggests unrivalled fitness and we needed to demonstrate this in the logo and straplines. We also wanted to show that the emphasis on female empowerment was to do with mental development as much as physical strength, and as the female-only boxing gym is a new concept in Abu Dhabi, we needed to make an impact to appeal to modern Emirati women. 

The brand messaging is designed to aim at dissipating confidence, attitude and feeling of empowerment that the club intends to percolate down to each other.

By employing striking black-and-white photography with pink accents, we succeeded in creating a unique brand identity that was both feminine and strong, appealing to modern women yet smashing outdated stereotypes. message that inspires confidence and positive development.